Eb & Vloed is a festival that originates in the desire of creating an experience that unites sustainability with music, culture and art in a unique common space which comes together in Renesse, The Netherlands. The festival seeks to create a medium of development and entertainment altogether while promoting sustainability as a lifestyle and as a tool for creating a healthier world by innovative and creative means.

The festival is spread on 4 different locations with each, their own peculiar character. 

For the first theme, Mobility, we can find it in the Transferium, where visitors buy tickets and get a wristband. This is also the place where they rent bicycles so that they can continue their journey.  The others do not have a specific timeline in which they have to be visited, but they give freedom to the participants to follow a personal route through the festival.
A very important location in this festival is the Beach with its Energy theme. That is also where music concerts and other impactful activities will take place.
Furthermore, the Castle presents a Cultural theme and seeks to connect people via the exchange of culture, philosophies and ideas.

Last but not least, the Future Lane is the path that walks visitors through the history of sustainability as well as showing them the future possibilities.